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Turkey Terms & conditions

  1. While filling your Turkey Visa form, You need to know this: Incase of any mistake in filling of forms or refusal of Visa from the Embassy, no refund will be given to the client.
  2. The online Visa form needs to be filled and uploaded along with the desired documents, before the submission of passport and the documents at the Embassy.
  3. The Online visa form needs to be printed, signed and submitted at the Embassy along with the passport and other supporting documents, as required.
  4. All applicants from Delhi region need to appear personally at the Embassy for submitting their visa applications.’s team will perform meet and assist for submissions and shall also collect their passports after visa processing.
  5. The photo that is submitted for the visa application should not be used in any form prior to the application for Turkey visa. It must not be tampered with in any form.
  6. The covering letter must be on company letter head if the applicant is self employed, and on plain paper if he/she is an employee of any firm.
  7. Visa fees is non refundable, in case of rejection or any issues pertaining to passport withdrawal before visa processing.
  8. If applicant is staying in more than one hotel during his stay in Turkey, he/she must submit day to day itinerary along with proof of hotel booking.
  9. If a minor is travelling without any adult accompanying him, a NOC is to be submitted on a INR 100 stamp paper with Notary, which must be duly signed by the parent along with the parent’s passports.
  10. If applicant is holding a visa for UK, US or Schengen valid for the entire period of stay in Turkey, he/she is eligible for e-visa.
  11. If deemed necessary, the consulate might ask for additional documents.

Frequently Asked Questions?